Earthworks Enters the Instrument Mounted Microphone Space

Gravity Series Puts Listeners at the Center of the Experience

(Anaheim, CA – January 16, 2020) Earthworks Audio debuts a new series of instrument mounted microphones for stage, studio, and broadcast. Over the next 18 months, they will release a variety of capsules and instrument clips that can be mixed and matched to record and amplify any analog source. 

“We will change the way that people do close-miking,” says Gareth Krausser, COO for Earthworks. “Our Gravity Series instrument mounted microphones put the musician, the artistry, the instrument, and the voice at the center of everything.” 

The most prominent feature of the Gravity Series is the exceptionally low self-noise. No additional gain is necessary because of the placement right on the source, making the microphones sound even quieter than they are. 

Each microphone in the Gravity Series represents Earthworks’ commitment to extended frequency response, clarity, and natural detail — and of course — to preserving time. Every Earthworks microphone is designed knowing that the human brain and body recognize minute changes in time domain accuracy. 

The first microphone of the series will be the omnidirectional G339, and the first interchangeable instrument mount is designed for saxophones and brass instruments. 

“Earthworks started life with an omni 25 years ago so it makes sense to start the Gravity Series with an omni,” says Krausser. “It’s funny. The form factor has gotten smaller but the sound quality has gotten bigger. We’ve really bottled magic with this one!”

Gravity Series microphones are not miniature microphones; they are not compromised versions of existing products. G339 features the largest diaphragm of any Earthworks omni.

The G339 will ship in 2020. 

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